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Special subsidy of interest payment of up to 4% per annum and capped at $3,000 for an entire degree course of study

Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) is providing a financial assistance scheme for its in-service uniformed Junior Officers (JOs) who took up a study loan from AUPE Multi-purpose Co-operative (MPC) to finance their degree studies. Upon successful completion of the course and full repayment of the loan to MPC, the JOs may apply for the interest subsidy reimbursement with effect from 1 Jan 2011. The details of the scheme are given below.
Target Audience MHA HUS/HAS Junior Officers
Type of Course Degree Programmes only
(not applicable to MHA sponsored programmes)
Approved Course
of Study
Priority given to course of study directly relevant to respective Home Team Department’s core function
Sponsorship Quantum Up to 4% in interest rate per annum.
Up to S$3,000 interest reimbursement for entire course.
Eligibility Criteria   

Officers should have successfully completed the course.
Good performance over the past 3 years.


Officers to submit application within 3 months after successful completion of studies and full repayment of study loan, whichever is later    

If JOs need further clarifications on the scheme, they may approach their respective Department HR for advice.
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