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10 Guests
  Members, except Affiliate Members, shall be entitled to introduce up to four guests at any one time to the Club, provided that no person who has been expelled as a member of the Club or who has been declared by the Committee as unsuitable to be introduced as a guest shall be introduced as a guest. The member introducing a guest shall enter the guest's name and address together with his own in the Guest Book.
11 Any member introducing a guest shall be responsible for the observance by his guest of the Rules and By-Laws of the Club. Disciplinary action may be taken against any member whose guests infringe the By-Laws or Rules of the Club.
12 Members introducing guests shall be responsible for the proper conduct and behaviour of, debts incurred and damages caused by their guests.
13 The Committee shall have the power to control, or restrict the introduction of guests into all or any parts of the Club. Guests may be asked to leave the Club premises by a Committee Member or the Management if their behaviour and conduct cause annoyance to other members.
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