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4 Membership
4.1 The Club shall consist of Founder Members, Affiliate Members, Honorary Members, Ordinary Members, Associate Members, Participating Members and Social Members.
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4.2 Founder Member
4.2.1 The Amalgamated Union of Public Employees shall be the Founder Member of the Club.
4.2.2 The Founder Member shall make a per capita payment of $0.50 based on its membership strength as at 31 March of each year. Such payment shall be made at the beginning of each financial year and not later than 30 April.
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4.3 Affiliate Member
4.3.1 The AUPE Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society Ltd may join as an Affiliate Member. Except as specified in Clause 13.4 such member shall have no voting right nor the right to hold office, but its members shall be eligible to be Associate Members. An Affiliate Member may make donations to the Club from time to time.
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4.4 Honorary Member
4.4.1 Any person who has rendered distinguished service to the Club may, by invitation of the Council, be an Honorary Member of the Club. Such members shall not be required to pay any fees and shall be entitled to all the privileges of Ordinary Members, except that they shall not be eligible to hold office or to vote. Such members may, however, make donations to the Club.
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4.5 Ordinary Member
4.5.1 An Ordinary Member shall be a member of the Founder Member.
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4.6 Associate Member
4.6.1 An Associate Member shall be a member of an Affiliate Member, or an Ordinary Member who has retired from service.
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4.7 Participating Member
4.7.1 A Participating Member shall be an employee in the Civil Service or a Statutory Board, who does not qualify to be a Ordinary or Associate Member. He shall pay all dues and subscriptions and enjoy all the privileges of the Club. He shall have no right to vote or to hold office.
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4.8 Social Member
4.8.1 Social Members shall be family members of Ordinary Members, members introduced to the Club and NTUC club members.
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