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3 Objects
  The objects of the Club are:
  (a) to promote and popularise sporting activities among its members, particularly those which involve mass participation;
  (b) to carry out such recreational activities which are beneficial to the members of the Club;
  (c) to promote social activities and bring about social interaction among members of different age groups;
  (d) to enable members to fraternise with each other through social gatherings such as indoor parties, disco nights, etc., and outdoor activities such as weekend camps, hiking, etc.;
  (e) to carry out activities for retired members of AUPE;
  (f) to carry out such activities which are ancillary to the above objects;
  (g) to publish a journal for members of the Club;
  (h) to fraternise with other organisations which share the same objects of the Club.
  In furtherance of the above objects, the Club may, with the approval of the relevant authorities:
  (a) establish, provide, manage and operate branches or Clubhouses for the benefit of members of the Club;
  (b) enter into or undertake any business or venture commercial or otherwise for the collective benefit of the Club and its members;
  (c) invest and deal with the monies of the Club not immediately required as may be thought fit;
  (d) borrow or raise for the purpose of the Club any monies either upon mortgage or charge of all or any of the property of the Club;
  (e) acquire, build upon, pull down, re-build, add to alter, repair, improve, sell or dispose of, or otherwise deal with any land, buildings or premises for the use of the Club;
  (f) enter into any contracts on behalf of the Club; and
  (g) do all things necessary or expedient for the attainment of the objects of the Club not herein otherwise provided for.
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