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29 Prohibitions
  The promotion or conduct of a private lottery is not allowed in the Club's premises, unless it has been permitted under the Private Lotteries Act Cap 250.
29.1 The introduction of materials for gambling and drug taking and of bad characters into the premises is prohibited.
29.1.1 The facilities available in the Club house include Jackpot Room, Karaoke Rooms, Dart Room, Mahjong Room, Pool Tables, Video Games Machines, Members Lounge and Cafeteria.
29.1.2 However, with the prior written approval of the relevant authorities, the Club may:
  a) install jackpot machines for exclusive use of all category of members;
  b) organise tombola sessions as part of its recreational activities for members;
  c) organise Mahjong sessions for members of the Club.
29.2 The funds of the Club shall not be used to pay the fines of members who have been convicted in Court.
29.3 The Club shall not engage in Trade Union activity as defined in any written law relating to trade unions for the time being in force in Singapore.
29.4 The Club shall not attempt to restrict or interfere with trade or make, directly or indirectly, any recommendation to, any arrangement with its members which has the purpose or is likely to have the effect of fixing or controlling the price or any discount, allowance or rebate relating to any goods or services to be supplied by them.
29.5 The Club shall not hold any lottery, whether confined to its members or not, in the name of the Club or its office-bearers, Committee or members, unless the necessary permit or licence has been obtained from the relevant authorities.
29.6 The Club shall not indulge in any political activity or allow its funds and/or premises to be used for political purposes.
29.7 The Club shall not raise funds from the public for whatever purpose without the prior approval in writing of the Registrar of Societies and or relevant authorities.
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